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7 characteristics of playboy men


characteristics of playboy men
characteristics of playboy men

characteristics of playboy men - A woman definitely doesn’t want if her future husband or husband is a playboy man. A playboy man is a man who is unfaithful to only one woman. His nature that likes to play on women's feelings, take advantage and exchange lovers is a nightmare for a person who is a woman.

Not all lucky women can have a good, loving, loyal and kind -hearted lover. It all depends on luck, but if you’re smart, you’re definitely not going to lose to any guy who’s called a playboy guy!

So, for that you need to be more careful not to get caught in his trap, because this playboy guy has his own charisma that is able to captivate women. Playboy men are smart enough to master how to want to make a woman like or fall in love with him. In this article, we share with you the nature and characteristics of playboy men so that you do not get caught up in the love of the playboy.

1. Friendly with women.

Being friendly with women here is misplaced friendliness. He will be friendly to all the women he meets. If the woman is a beautiful person and has a good career, it is a bonus to the playboy. Like sleepy pushed by a pillow anyway.

2. Be attractive and seductive.

Usually the playboy man is a person with a rather attractive character. They usually take great care of their appearance. Their clothes are always neat and tidy. The goal is to make women easily attracted and easy to seduce the beautiful girl.

3. Very caring when lonely.

In the moment you are lonely and lonely, they will show up by calling and texting you. Sometimes, various stories and tales are designed to solicit your sympathy. You will probably share the same story and story and he will be the place for you to express your feelings in a time when you are not aware. Beware, you may be attracted by this ‘caring’ attitude.

4. Always make excuses.

Once you are attracted to him, he is no longer interested in serving you. Probably because I'm tired of you. He will create and make a thousand excuses. This attitude will usually arise when the playboy man has already met a new victim.

5. Expert ‘pick up lines’ (sweet verse).

Various sweet verses will be used to captivate your heart. When you’re already entangled, the first sweet promise just stays a promise. No more sweet sentences for you. He will leave you, causing you to be the one who has to chase after his love.

6. Many girlfriends.

Playboy men do specialize in alluring chapters. So, it’s no wonder most of these playboy guys fall into their easy -to -get -together and ‘charming’ category. However, they will not openly display the attitude of the seducer, even if in fact a seducer. As a result, his girlfriends are very numerous and are everywhere. Playboy men will swap partners without any guilt. Be careful if your partner has too many girlfriends.

7. Likes to discuss about ‘sensual’.

Among the characteristics of playboy men is that they like to talk and discuss things about sex and porn. This is a serious matter that should be given priority by women. If before marriage they already dared to talk this issue with you, this means they do not respect you and your dignity as an unmarried woman.

In conclusion, as a woman, you need to be more careful in choosing a mate. Investigate the background of your future husband so that you do not regret it later. Hope to meet a good mate.

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