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The World of 2116 - The World in the Next 100 Years

Underwater cities, drone holidays, Mars colonies and printed food – Welcome to 2116

Today on Far Future Horizons we are going to take a glimpse at our world one hundred years from now.

The year of 2116 will be one in which cities will get busier, meaning buildings will get taller, while underground and underwater buildings will be the norm. Flexible furniture and light-up walls could put pay to decorating the home, while cooks will print food in the kitchen.

Futuristic drones could take your whole house on holiday

We could be working for three days and attend meetings remotely via holograms to save time every week.

The World of 2116 - Undersea City

By then we may even vacation in 'caravans' that are delivered by drones or take trips to a Martian and lunar settlement.

The World of 2116 - Lunar City

This is the vision outlined in a recent report commissioned by Samsung titled “The Smart Things Future Living Report”.

Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock

This report was authored by space scientist Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, futurist architects Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess and urbanists Linda Aitken and Els Leclercq, and suggests the way we live, work, and play will change beyond all recognition over the course of the next century.

Cityscape in the year 2116

The World of 2116: The World In The Next 100 Years
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