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Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week (Aug. 14)
By Tracy Staedter,
Seeker, 14 August 2016.

A folding wind turbine, a floating house and a futuristic scooter top this week's gallery.

1. Floating Luxury Home


As sea levels rise, living near the water may be usurped by living on the water. Dubai-based New Living on Water is ready to accommodate your needs. They’ve designed floating residencies that link to the land via a car-jetty. The rounded homes are 164-ft long and 98-ft wide and have a curved stainless steel roof. Inside, the two-level home has four bedrooms, a bathroom, a working space, a living room, dining room and a kitchen. Like any home, this one can be customized to the owner’s wishes.

2. 3-D Olympic Logo


The logo for the Rio Olympics was designed to embody 12 different attributes, from reflecting local culture to being universally understood. That’s a big challenge, but designer Fred Gelli and his team broke out of the two-dimensional mould that limited creativity and produced a 3-D version that embodies all 12 attributes. The three figures dancing in a circle can be animated, showing them spinning around each other.

3. Zika-Proof Olympic Garb


Several Olympic teams were outfitted in mosquito-proof uniforms and other gear. Here, the South Korean team shows off their team suit for the opening ceremony.

4. Folding Wind Turbine

The Micro Wind Turbine, conceived of by German product designer Nils Ferber, is designed for people who like to venture off the grid. The foldable energy generator weights less than 1 pound and is able to produce 5 watts of electricity, if the wind is blowing at a minimum of 11 mph. Electricity generated can be used to charge up electronic devices or stored on a 24-Wh battery pack.

5. Electronic Tattoos


A new MIT Media Lab product called DuoSkin, created by Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, is a temporary tattoo that’s not only functional, but looks good too. Users can design them to reflect their own personality and style and also use them to connect to smartphones or computers, display information about body health and transmit data using NFC. Hsin-Liu Kao has partnered with Microsoft to develop the metallic jewelry-like tatts.

6. Hybrid Hammock-Tent


This hybrid tent from Crua Outdoors is part bivvy, part tent and part hammock. Meant to accommodate one person, it also comes with a sleeping bag and inflatable mattress.

7. Detroit Community Garden


On the east side of Detroit, an abandoned piece of land is being transformed into a community herb and vegetable garden. Several 4-foot by 8-foot raised beds will give residents the opportunity to grow their own food. The effort is in the middle of a crowd-funding campaign to raise US$50,000. Part of the initiative includes erecting a mixed-use building, which will host farmers’ markets, retail events and a classroom. You can support the Kickstarter here.

8. Scooter of the Future


A Kickstarter campaign was just launched for this muscular, three-wheeled scooter called the Doohan EV3 iTank. The electric urban crossover goes 0 to 28 mph in 4.6 seconds, has a removable lithium-ion batteries that charges in 6 hours and has a range between 62 and 100 miles.

9. Smart Helmet


The Coros Linx smart helmet uses bone conduction technology to do away with earbuds and cords and still give a cyclist a way to play music. It also has an automatic emergency notification and two-way radio.

10. Dragonfly Drone


The UK’s Ministry of Defence is working on a micro-drone inspired by dragonflies. Appropriate called the Dragonfly, the drone has four flapping wings and four legs, and is small enough to land in the palm of a person’s hand.

Top image: New Living on Water, the futuristic-looking floating home concept. Credit: New Living on Water.

[Source: Seeker. Edited. Top image and some links added.]