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Prehistoric Park - A Mammoth Undertaking

Today on Far Future Horizons we present the second episode of the documentary series Prehistoric Park featuring British wildlife presenter Nigel Marven throwing himself into the ultimate challenge: going back in time to rescue prehistoric animals from extinction and bringing them back to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary.

In the second instalment of Prehistoric Park Nigel Marven undertakes the Mammoth task of capturing and saving the Woolly Mammoth.

A Mammoth Undertaking
Siberia, 10,000 and 150,000 years ago, Pleistocene.

Genera encountered: Cave Bear Woolly Mammoth Cro-Magnon (live-acted by Human) Cave Hyena (live-acted by Spotted Hyena) Gray Wolf (live-acted by Siberian husky) Elasmotherium

In the park, the dinosaurs are settling in. The Tyrannosaurus are being fed. Nigel goes to visit a herd of African elephants in the park: there are at least four including a young calf. He now wants to rescue a mammoth from extinction.

He goes through the Time Portal to 10,000 BC northwest Siberia just east of the Ural Mountains where the last mammoths lived. It is early spring but the land is still under snow. He drives a snowmobile over a frozen lake. He sees nothing but dense taiga forest and rocky mountains: as the land became warmer as the Ice Age ended, trees replaced tundra grass and Mammuthus lost their grazing; they cannot eat pine needles. This reduced their numbers, then prehistoric Cro-Magnon humans finished them off by hunting them for food.

He explores a nearby cave and comes face to face with a muscular male cave bear; he had disturbed its hibernation. He had thought that the cave bear would already be extinct by this point. It chases Nigel and the cameraman away. Without the equipment to transport it safely, Nigel cannot save it, so he decides to get back to saving a mammoth.

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Prehistoric Park - A Mammoth Undertaking 

Prehistoric Park Episode 2 A Mammoth Undertaking by thekarl1982
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