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Planet 9 Threatens Destruction Of Solar System, Is Doomsday Coming Soon?

A new research at the University of Warwick proposed the doomsday for the Solar system if the mysterious "Planet Nine" does exist as the sun dies off. Planet Nine was discovered by Dr. Dimitri Veras of the Department of Physics. He believes this hypothetical planet exists in the outer Solar system, and may cause doomsday after the sun dies. Planet Nine is likely going to destroy or eliminate at least one of the giant planets that will cause a 'pinball' effect to its neighboring planets.

Studies suggest that the sun is likely to die in the next seven billion years where it will inflate, blow up, and loss half of its own mass. This explosion will likely swallow Earth and the other nearby planets before the sun eventually turns into a white dwarf. The force of the ejection will be strong enough to push Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to a safer distance.

But if Planet Nine does exist, this happy ending for the four planets since will be far enough to not be affected by the impact outwards. Instead, it will be pushed inward into a deadly dance with the four giant planets of the Solar system. This has a huge chance of sparking the total destruction of the Solar system, forever and ever.

Dr. Veras is using a unique code to create simulations and models of a possible position where Planet Nine would decide the fate of the solar system. If the planet will be more massive and further away, it means there is a huge chance it will create a violent future to the remaining planets.

The study aims to understand planetary architecture in the universe. Other research showed that almost half of the existing white dwarfs have a rock sample that could be the debris from a similar fate with a Planet Nine of that solar system. However, the death of the sun could pave the way to the evolution of other planetary systems using the debris of the planets colliding with each other.

"The existence of a distant massive planet could fundamentally change the fate of the solar system. Uranus and Neptune, in particular, may no longer be safe from the death throes of the Sun. The fate of the solar system would depend on the mass and orbital properties of Planet Nine, if it exists," Dr. Veras explains in The

He added, "The future of the Sun may be foreshadowed by white dwarfs that are 'polluted' by rocky debris. Planet Nine could act as a catalyst for the pollution. The Sun's future identity as a white dwarf that could be 'polluted' by rocky debris may reflect current observations of other white dwarfs throughout the Milky Way."

This study was entitled "The Fate of Solar system analogues with one additional distant planet" and was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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