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Artist Re-Creates Fascinating Images of the Surface of Planets & Moons

Have you ever wondered what the view might be from the surface of Pluto? Or what about Jupiter? Imagine being able to travel to Jupiter and observe that fascinating scenery the gas giant offers. Just imagine watching the sunrise or set on Mars, or observing the outer edge of our star system while walking around one of those frozen planets near the ‘end’ our solar system.

Slowly but surely, human space exploration is advancing and in the near future we will conquer our solar system and visit every single planet that makes up our star system. Even though we are still missing the technology to send a man to dwarf planets in the outer edges of the solar system, we are on the right track to achieve that goal hopefully in the next couple of decades.

But, until we actually travel to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune and Pluto, it’s hard to tell what the landscape might actually look like there. However, that didn’t stop environmental-matte artist Dmitry Bogolyubov to create a fascinating collection of what the view might be from different planets and moons in our solar system.

Bogolyubovcreated a fascinating collection where he made it possible for us to see what it would be like to set foot on Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It’s a never before seen collection that is beyond fascinating. The alien worlds so cleverly portrayed by Bogolyubov makes us wanna board the next ship and hop off to Pluto and observe what the rest of the solar system looks like from the ‘edge’. Since we obviously wont be able to do that –at least not for now— we’ll stick with these incredible landscapes presented by Bogolyubov.

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