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Pokémon Go: Top 10 Hazards of Augmented Reality Gaming
By Alyssa Danigelis,
Seeker, 16 July 2016.

The latest obsession with Nintendo's Pokémon Go has lead to bruises, trespassing, robberies and car crashes.

Walking Into Danger

The augmented reality game Pokémon Go is sending droves of people on scavenger hunts to capture imaginary creatures that appear on their phone screens at real locations. Players “train” their Pokémon and pick up virtual items at PokéStops, but the goal is still to catch ‘em all.

Credit: Brian Jones (left) and Auburn Police Department (right), via Jalopnik.

Although Pokémon Go has been credited with encouraging exercise and exploration, the game has a dark side - to the point where law enforcement officials are issuing warnings. In some cases, players are walking directly into danger. Here’s a look at the top 10 biggest hazards so far in the quest for characters like Pikachu and Squirtle...

Top image credit: Pokémon Go via YouTube

[Source: Seeker.]

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