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Avoid These 10 Distractions to Get Work Done
By Külli Koort,

What is the one goal you have in mind when entering the office in the morning? To get work done. What is often the last thing you are able to finish? The things you have planned for the day. If this scenario is something that you have recently encountered, then its time to beat procrastination and look for solutions.

We have all had those down days when you just can't get work done. Those days when its a big effort to write one single sentence or put a finishing touch to that important report. We can't be at our productivity peak all the time and that's okay. What is not okay, is that these down days are becoming more popular in our modern workplace. No matter how much or even how little is planned for the day, we just don't seem to get work done.

Work piles up and this causes enormous amount of stress. Making few simple calculations, we can easily summarize how an average person spends his time:
  • 25 years to sleeping
  • 10.3 years to working
  • 9.1 years to watching TV
  • 2 years to watching all sorts of commercials
  • 4.3 years to driving
  • 3.66 years to eating
Unless your job is your hobby, you spend a lot of time and effort to get work done. Yet, it's often something that demands more attention and energy than originally thought of. Why? One of the reasons might be that 28% of this precious 10.3 years goes to dealing with unnecessary interruptions. According to Wall Street Journal, on average, office workers are interrupted every 3 minutes. Considering this, working in a remote team seems like a dream come true, doesn't it?

What is worse, getting back to the previous work mode takes much more time. According to Office of National Statistics, getting back on task takes 23 minutes. So, how to get work done? You need to make time for work that matters and eliminate the distractions.

Here are 10 biggest office distractions you should avoid to get work done:

10 Biggest Office Distractions - Why You Don't Get Work Done

[Post Source: Weekdone.]