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The Winds of Winter was the capstone to the best season of Game of Thrones yet.

There are spoilers ahead for this season of Game of Thrones. Read at your own risk.

Game of Thrones ended it's best season yet last night with "The Winds of Winter." And to be fair, part of what made this season so great was that we saw so many incredible Game of Thrones theories come true. For one, we saw the biggest (about whether or not Jon Snow was a Targaryen) come true. The thing is, only Brandon Stark knows it, but I have a feeling he's going to be telling a lot more when he pops up south of the wall. We also saw Melisandre resurrect Jon Snow, and we saw that the White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest. I think another theory that got hinted at (and might as well be canon at this point) is that it wasn't men who built the 800-foot wall of ice, but the Children of the Forest. Uncle Benjen in his newfound identity of Coldhands (another theory that came through this season) said that there were powerful spells embedded within its foundation to keep the dead from going south while it still stood. Gee, I wonder who could know so much about the White Walkers that they could create such a thing? The obvious answer is the ones who made them.

Other fan theories that came true (that were never revealed in the books)? Ser Gregor Clegane is in fact, Ser Robert Strong. Cersei Lannister does indeed burn all of her enemies in one fell swoop, basically destroying House Tyrell, and Daenerys indeed ends up conquering the Dothraki nation. So with only sixteen episodes left before the series ends, we can all wonder what remains to happen (and what has to happen) before a Song of Ice and Fire comes to an end. I for one have a few theories for those sixteen episodes:

1) The White Walkers have got to make their move. There's nothing left for this plotline in the north, so they have to march south (hopefully with ice spiders as big as hounds) and make all of those lords and ladies that dismissed them painfully aware that, yes, the legends are true. This of course can't happen until....

2) The Wall must come down. There is a magical horn that (I believe) Samwell is carrying called "the Horn of Winter." I think that while he's studying at the Citadel to be a maester for Castle Black, he'll find out what it does. I assume that it gets taken from Samwell by someone (most likely candidate in my mind is Euron Greyjoy) and they blow the horn thinking it will do something else. Maybe, it's even an accident.

3) There will be a last stand at the Eyrie. I expect Littlefinger to die there by the hands of the White Walkers as everything falls apart around him.

4) Daenerys will land her huge army on the shores of Westeros in time to see that she needs to turn her eyes and army immediately to what's happening in the north as winter is now here.

5) We see Hodor again (only as an undead) because the show loves to tug at heartstrings, and that will be just awful.

6) Brandon Stark wargs into Aerys Targaryen in the past in an attempt to stop all of the misery that he's caused and drives the King "Mad" effectively starting all the events we have witnessed. At that point, Bran realizes he's the douchebag that started all the bloodshed and effectively goes insane himself.

7) Daenerys Targaryen joins with the King of the North (Jon Snow) to unify the kingdom after the defeat of the White Walkers. They become King and Queen and Cersei Lannister is executed. Jaime Lannister goes off to marry Brienne of Tarth. Sansa gets Winterfell.

So what do you think will happen in the last sixteen episodes of "Game of Thrones?"

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