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Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (Dec. 6)
By Tracy Staedter,
Discovery News, 6 December 2015.

In this week's gallery we feature ink made from algae, an electric Porche, a bandaid that glows and a virtual-reality experience that has you flying like a bird.

1. Personal Flying Machine


This battery-electric multicopter called Snowstorm was developed by students at the National University of Singapore. The prototype's 24 electric motors and three lithium batteries are enough to keep the vehicle aloft for a mere five minutes. But the team says they are continuing development and hope to make a viable craft for recreational flying.

2. Floating Lanterns


In NYC's Battery Park this past Tuesday, a new lighting installation called Luminaries lit up Brookfield Place. Formerly called World Financial Centre, the area recently underwent a US$250 million renovation. The lighting of the floating LED lanterns - 650 in all - could become an annual holiday tradition.

3. Mushroom-Shaped Pavilions


New bamboo pavilions recently built on Diamond Island on the Saigon River in Vietnam evoke the country's traditional basket-weaving craft. The structures, designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, are part of a community centre for local residents.

4. Zipperless Luggage


Two entrepreneurs want to revolutionize luggage and they might be on their way. Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchard recently appeared on Shark Tank and made a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner to develop their zipperless Trunkster suitcases. For US$1.4 million, each investor with get 5 percent equity. Thanks to the deal, the company is now valued at US$28 million.

5. Electric Porche


Porche is getting into the electric vehicle market. Their new Mission E is the company's first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car and it just got the green light from the powers-that-be to go into production. When it hits the streets in 2020, it will rival Tesla with 600-plus horsepower and a range of 310 miles. [Porsche Concept Study Mission E]

6. Glowing Bandaid


This new bandage could help doctors better treat burn victims. Developed by Toby Jenkins at the University of Bath, the bandage contains a gel-like material infused with dye-filled capsules that fluoresce green under ultraviolet light if the gel has come into contact with pathogenic bacteria. The bright colour would give doctors an early warning of an infection before it spread too far.

7. Virtual Art


Google recently announced its Performing Arts series of immersive, 360-degree images and video featuring cultural treasures such as dance, theatre, history and art. Users can explore images and video on Google's Cultural Institute website similar to how they explore Google Maps. Click and zoom around. It's almost like you're there.

8. Tea Maker


Want the perfect cup of tea? The Teforia machine uses proprietary technology to infuse tea with precision, according to founder Allan Han. The start-up company just received US$5.1 million to expand the business after a successful pre-order campaign. You have to be serious about your tea, though. The appliance will cost about US$649.

9. Algae Ink


Here's an interesting gift for the person who has everything: a pen filled with algae ink. In an odd spy-like twist, the Living Ink goes on invisible and doesn't appear for days until the algae grows and multiples. Neat.

10. Virtual Reality Bird


Ever have a dream you can fly? Swiss artist and inventor Max Rheiner has a contraption, called Birdly, that takes the feeling of flight from dream to reality - virtual reality, that is. The experience involves wearing a VR headset and laying face-down onto a motion platform table, with arms outstretched. Force-feedback under the hands and arms simulate the resistance of lift and a fan blows air into your face to make is feel as if your soaring above the Earth.

Top image: Living Ink, the time-lapse bio-ink. Credit: Kickstarter.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Top image and some links added.]