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Future Car Tech
L&L Automotive, 23 September 2015.

Self-driving cars and renewable energy is set to change the way we travel and they may arrive sooner than we think. Anyone who thinks about the cars of the future seems to take their inspiration from Hollywood Blockbusters like the 5th Element, Back to the Future or even Star Wars. Just 5 years ago the world was astonished by the arrival of tablet computers and smart phones. Today they are so common place that vast numbers of school children have them in their back packs. Below is the automotive equivalent of the leap from desktop to tablet, with the potential to alter our entire thinking about how we get from A to B in the very near future.

Once we thought parking sensors were a handy innovation and self-parking vehicles were visionary in terms of future car tech, that ABS was a safety revolution and the mere idea that cars could break automatically as a work of fantasy. When you see what the world’s most famous marques have been working on, you will be astounded. Brands respected for engineering prowess and customer safety, like Audi, Mercedes and Toyota, have already developed the cars of the future. These innovative vehicles, and the technology under the hood, represent a staggering leap forward in the evolution of travel. From driverless vehicles which are more like mobile living spaces, to those powered on hydrogen, these cars are not pure fiction, and some of them could actually be on our roads within the next 5 years.

Future Car Tech

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Top image: The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion. Credit: Mercedes-Benz.

[Source: L&L Automotive. Edited. Top image added.]