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The Future of Plant Conservation in South Florida - Panel Discussion This Wednesday

The Ghost Orchid, Polyradicion lindenii, is perhaps the most famous rare and valued south Florida native plant, thanks to a novel, a movie, and some true stories, too. Native plant botanists and enthusiasts often have other favorites, too. Does admiration save plants or cause their extinction through poaching? What are the current threats to the 25% of south Florida species currently in peril and to their ecosystems. Learn what we can unite around and accomplish.

Don't miss our premiere conservation panel event this Wednesday, May 13 at 7:00 pm. See details below.

The Future of Plant Conservation: A Panel
Secret Woods Nature Center, 2701 Florida (W. State Rd.) 84, Dania Beach, FL 33312
This is it! Finally, an opportunity to hear what a few experts in South Florida know about the current status of plants in the wild, the ecosystems, recent trends and changes in the environment, and what they think are some of the conservation priorities we face. We don't often have the opportunity to get this broad view from the people who are likely to understand it best. Bring friends and colleagues who share your concerns about the environment right here, right now, in South Florida.


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