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Grow your own tree on your smartphone!

Tree Story Kicks Off With Tree Planting on Earth Day
Washington, DC (April 22, 2015) — On Earth Day, ZigZagZoom launched Tree Story. The mobile game chronicles the life of a virtual tree, from seedling to treeling. Once the tree is fully grown, it’s planted in the real world. Accompanying the launch of the game Alliance for Community Trees, alongside Anacostia Watershed Society and other partners, planted an understory at Yu Ying Charter School in Northeast Washington, DC.

Tree Story, available on the iTunes App Store, is the first mobile game from Zig Zag Zoom, a company dedicated to engaging mobile gamers to have fun and do good. Supporting this mission, the company launched Tree Story, where nurturing “virtual pet” trees results in planting Real Trees.
“Our game is the perfect blend of having fun, feeling good and doing good,” says Thomas Kang, CEO of Zig Zag Zoom. “We are excited to be launching our first game to show that playing mobile games can literally change the world. We make it easy and fun in Tree Story.”
In this “virtual pet” game for your smartphone, players nurture tree seedlings with water, sun, food and love to grow them into fully grown trees — all while playing action and puzzle games. Once grown, the virtual trees are sent to virtual forests and then finally expert tree-planting partners who will turn virtual trees into real trees ready for planting. Watch the Tree Story trailer, with voice over from Ed Begley, Jr.
Trees will be planted by the U.S. Forest Service, Alliance for Community Trees, the Arbor Day Foundation, Project Learning Tree, and The Nature Conservancy. These tree plantings will help reforest areas affected by wildfires, repopulate endangered tree species, create more habitat for animals and birds, and improve and beautify schools and neighborhoods.

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