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Spin into the Future with Innovative Bikes and Trikes
By Renee Morad,
Discovery News, 22 May 2015.

From bicycles that fold to solar-powered e-bikes and even walking bikes, this batch of innovative two- and three-wheelers has almost every rider’s needs covered. Take a ride into the future with these unique modes of transportation.

1. Fold Bike


This origami-inspired Fold Bike, designed by Tim Gerlach and Eason Chow Wai Tung, has a wheel that folds into just a quarter of its size for easy storing.

2. Solar Bike


This solar-powered electric bike, developed in Copenhagen by Jesper Frausig, can travel about 40 miles on a full charge. The solar panels in the wheels harvest sunlight and store the energy in a battery attached to the frame.

3. Jet Bike


A two-wheeled rocket-powered jet bike called Jet Reaction can reach speeds of 400 miles per hour. Oxford-based engineer Richard Brown developed the bike and will be running speed tests this weekend in an attempt to break the two-wheeled land speed world record this fall.

4. E-Bike


This e-bike, which has the ability to fold, is called the Mando Footloose. It has neither a chain nor a belt drive, but instead relies on the rider’s pedalling to charge the bike’s lithium-ion battery.

5. Comfy Seating


Australian manufacturer Hiele has created the Trivek, a semi-recumbent delta tricycle that allows riders to sit back in a comfy seat while still remaining upright enough to be seen by motorists.

6. Child Cycle Carrier


This trike brings a new look to the rider carting his or her child along. The Boxer Rocket, inspired by aircraft, allows up to four children to go along for the ride in a front “rocket” shell, which is equipped with two bench seats.

7. Safety


Many people hesitate to commute by bike because of a fear of getting hit. Crispin Sinclair Innovation, based in London, is addressing this head-on with the Babel Bike, which is being marketed as “the world’s safest bicycle” - thanks to features such as a protective cage around the rider and the option for electric assistance during pedalling, when needed.

8. Walking Bicycle


The Walking Bicycle Club developed the Walking Bicycle to create a machine that’s faster than walking but easier to ride than a standard bicycle. It’s a kind of elliptical cross trainer on wheels that can reach speeds up to 15 mph with its electric motor.

9. Unstealable Bike


This bike, called Yerka, uses its own frame as its lock. It can be wrapped around a tree or lamp post. It’s the masterpiece of three engineering students from Chile.

10. Smart Bike


The high-tech Rogue C6 bicycle’s carbon fibre frame is up to 60 percent lighter than steel or aluminium bikes of similar sizes and uses a carbon fibre belt drive that is lighter and lasts longer than a chain. The bike also boasts dual platform pedals and hydraulic disc brakes. The bike has lights in the handlebars and the seat post and can sync up with an app for GPS and to display information such as speed, cadence and elevation.

Top image: The Mando Footloose electric bike. Credit: Mando Footloose.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Top image and some links added.]