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10 apps to take your job search mobile
By Sarah K. White,
CIO, 4 May 2015.

Searching for a new career can feel like a full-time job, but with these 10 mobile apps, you can continue your job search on the go. And you won't be the only one. In 2014 Glassdoor found that 9 out of 10 people reported searching for a job on their mobile device. So trade in some time spent on Candy Crush and Instagram, and move your career forward with these apps.

1. Job Search - Simply Hired


Simply Hired's job search app brings job listings to your mobile device and allows you to search by industry, date, relevance, and more. It's a pretty straightforward app and offers most of the common features mentioned in this list of apps. You can track your job search process across devices and the app will let you use your LinkedIn profile to quickly create your resume. Once you set your resume up within the app, you can quickly apply to any job you find. Job Search also allows you to set up alerts for relevant job openings that fit your skills and experience. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

2. Job Aware


JobAware connects you with Indeed's job listings and allows you to find and apply for jobs that fit your skills. You can apply directly through the app, and with the Auto Fill feature, the app will automatically populate your information into a job application. If you need to send a cover letter or attach a resume, you can use the Paste Doc feature to insert the documents directly into the job application. The app allows you to prioritize jobs with three categories, which includes dream jobs, second choice, and third choice. You can also track your progress for each job you apply to throughout the entire process. Another unique feature of Job Aware is that it can connect with your LinkedIn account, which means when you find an opening you are interested in, you can see if you know anyone who works at the company. (Download: iTunes)

3. Ladders


Networking has become an integral part of job hunting, and leveraging your professional circle can help you find the right job and get in the door for an interview. At least, that's what Ladders intends to do by allowing you to search through job listings and refer friends and colleagues for jobs you think they would be a great fit for, and vice versa. The app will also recommend jobs you may be interested in based on your resume and experience. If you aren't interested in the job, you can choose to recommend someone in your network for the position instead. And, in theory, people in your network will refer you for other positions as well. (Download: iTunes)

4. Zip Recruiter


If you're searching for a job, you've probably realized that there are a number of sites with available jobs. Zip Recruiter takes listings from Career Builder, Dice, SimplyHired, Monster, Glassdoor, Snagajob, and more. With all of the listings in one convenient place, you don't have to worry about missing any openings on another job board. Similar to other job search apps, you can connect to your LinkedIn account to upload your resume to apply for jobs directly within the app. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

5. Monster


Monster was one of the first online job boards back in the late 90's, and it sparked the future of the online job search. With the Monster app, you can quickly browse through the database of job openings by location, skills and more. The app will also send you push notifications of jobs that fit your skills and experience. Another unique feature with Monster's job search app is the capability to communicate directly with recruiters in the Message Centre. You can also upload cover letters and your resume directly from Dropbox as well as manage your Monster job seeker account. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

6. Switch


Switch is considered the Tinder of job searching, and for good reason. Much like the popular dating app, Switch lets you swipe left or right on job openings the same way they would swipe left or right on potential suitors. What makes it even more like Tinder, is that hiring managers on Switch can swipe left or right on potential applicants as well. When a match is made, an email is sent introducing the two parties so they can set up a time to chat. The app also condenses information about the job and the job seeker, so that it is easier for users to make quick judgements about the position or job seeker. Your identity, such as name and location, are kept private until there is a match, then the hiring manager will be able to see your name and photo. The app also syncs with LinkedIn, so you can get your resume up and start swiping. (Download: iTunes)

7. Career Builder


Career Builder's app offers much of what the other apps on this list bring to the table. Whether that's location-based search, filtering by date posted or searching by salary range, you can easily tailor your job search to your needs. One unique aspect of Career Builder's app is that you can choose to have push notifications sent whenever an employer looks at your resume and profile. That is valuable information for any job seeker and it can help you prioritize certain companies and job listings. You can also quickly apply to jobs within the app, save them for later, or email yourself a link to the job listing. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

8. Dice


Dice is a well-established resource for anyone searching for a job in the technology industry. With the website's app, you have access to Dice's job database in the palm of your hand. You can filter jobs by location and you can also set up new job alerts so you can be the first to apply to new openings. If you find a job worth applying to, you can quickly access your resume and cover letter via Dropbox or Google Drive. The app also lets you save multiple resumes on file so the next time you want to apply within the app, your resume will be ready to go. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

9. LinkedIn Job Search


LinkedIn is a popular resource for networking, but the company also supplies job listings and, if you're already active on the site, it offers an easy way to quickly apply to jobs. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your digital resume, and some companies allow you to apply with just the click of a button. LinkedIn offers two apps, one for the networking aspect, and a separate job search app so you can focus on applying, rather than the social side of its service. The app lets you filter by location, distance, company, industry and experience, which makes it easy to find the right fit. It also indicates which jobs let you apply directly with your LinkedIn profile, saving you a few steps in the process. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

10. Glassdoor


Glassdoor offers something unique over other job search sites - reviews directly from current and past employees. The site also includes data on salary ranges for specific positions and general ratings of different aspects of the company. Taking a new job is a big commitment, and you might find that the culture or job description doesn't fit the impression you got in the interview. Or maybe there were questions you were uncomfortable asking during the interview process. With Glassdoor, you can read reviews from other employees about their experience to help gage if it's the right fit for you. You might want to take some reviews with a grain of salt, but reading through enough of them can give you a pretty good impression of how the company operates. If you've been burned by company culture or politics in the past, this might be the best app for you. Not to mention, the salary data can help you with your negotiation. (Download: Google Play, iTunes)

[Source: CIO. Edited. Some links added.]