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Why We Hug Trees

April 29, 2015
From the gentle hug of a sapling growing in a backyard in New England to the barely discernable embrace of a giant redwood in California, we saw over the course of the past month how much you love trees.
Thousands of people all over the world honored trees and forests by hugging trees and posting the photos on social media as part of WWF’s #hugatree campaign in April.
The photos made us curious: Why that tree? We reached out to a group of our supporters to ask.
There are several stories on this page.  All are worth reading but I chose one that was related to Florida:
Amanda Lovall-Cole, Chicago
“This picture was taken on Honeymoon Island in Florida. Since I'm from Chicago, I love all palm trees because they represent nice, warm, tropical weather. This one was particularly lovely. Forests are the lungs of our planet and they house an amazing abundance of biodiversity. Protecting them is a no-brainer!”

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