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Why The Moon Landings Could Have Never EVER Been Faked

This video is so worthy, so unbelievably excellent, solid and simple, that you will want to share it all over your Facebook and Twitters just to piss off all the IMBECILES  who still claim that the Moon landings were simulated or faked.* The cause is simple: the technology to fake it didn't exist.

This video describes why there was totally no way to fake it at the time. Even the cameras required to fake it didn't exist back then. It's totally undoubted and undeniable argument and worth seeing from beginning to end. 

I appreciated it so much that I was giggling at some points. Particularly one of them: we have gone from a world in which we couldn't conceivably fake a landing on the Moon but we went there for real to a world in which we are no longer going to the Moon but we can simply fake it.

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