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Mars Undergoes Shocking Transformation After Massive Global Dust Storm

Mars may not have hurricanes or blizzards, but that doesn't mean it is without nasty storms. The orb's winds and dusty surface sometimes combine to create events that are intense enough to conceal the entire planet from view.

NASA photos comparing a non-affected Mars to one under the siege of a dust storm show the planet's transformation from feature-filled body to haze-covered ball. Such happenings typically occur in the southern spring and summer months and start in localized areas, but those occurring simultaneously in adjacent locales have been known to merge.

What can result is a storm with enough size and intensity to blow a shield of dust far and wide, preventing the sunlight from reaching the surface. Though Mars is, as far as we know, without life that requires the sun's rays or would be particularly bothered by the enduring onslaught of rough, grainy winds, they do cause concerns with NASA.

Not only does the agency have solar-powered rovers on the planet, it fully intends to send humans there in the not so distant future.

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