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Have We Found The Fifth Force Of Nature?!

Scientists recently discovered an anomaly in the 4 fundamental forces of nature. What was it and might it indicate a 5th fundamental force?

At first glance, the news is ground-breaking. A team of American particle physicists, building on some Hungarian work, announced the "possible discovery" of a fifth fundamental force of nature. If true, this is massive. But peer a bit closer, and the claim appears to be built on some shaky foundations. Here's what you need to know.

Last year, a team of nuclear physicists in Hungary observed an anomaly in the decays of excited beryllium-8 atoms - an unexpected preference for spitting out pairs of particles with a particular angle of separation. The bump in the physicists' data was unmistakable, with odds of less than one in 100 billion of arising by chance. Reporting the anomaly in Physical Review Letters in January, the researchers argued that it could signify the existence of a new fundamental particle. But at first, few took notice. Watch the Video below...

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