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Suicide Squad is not a terrible movie.

There are spoilers in this post :).

I saw Suicide Squad last night in the local IMAX, and I'm here to tell you that it isn't really deserving of all its bad reviews. Rotten Tomatoes (an aggregate site that gathers data from tons of reviewers) has it pegged at below 30%. But if I were to rate it, I'd probably give it 60% (meaning it'd be "fresh" instead of rotten). To clarify, I didn't think it was spectacular but neither was it a complete trainwreck. Those people that insist that it is are probably just people that hate comic book movies and love to tear things down when they disappoint. Either that, or they love Marvel and think that DC should just stop making movies altogether.

The first thing I loved about the movie was that it's gorgeous. That has to count for something right? Every scene is loaded with color and detail that make it seem like an alternate version of reality. It's hard to describe, but I think the director really pulled the use of color and "gritty" off. The characters were also pretty representative of their comic book selves, and that kind of thing always makes me happy.

Second, it subtly built itself upon Batman versus Superman thereby adding to the universe. There were appearances by "The Flash" and by "the Batman" who were both responsible for putting certain villains behind bars. I like the sense of having that bigger universe skirting around the edges of all the events that you see unfold on the screen.

Third, it had a riveting soundtrack.

So if I had a criticism it would be this: Suicide Squad should have boldly embraced an "R" rating. I think that DC (if anything) missed an opportunity here to go incredibly dark and beat Marvel at its own game (with Deadpool). And it also needed a better villain. The one they chose was interesting, because I've always liked Enchantress. However, I don't think they pulled Enchantress off very well. I've always thought of Enchantress as more of a Green Lantern villain, but seeing as DC screwed up Green Lantern, seeing her here at least gave her a shot at doing some cool stuff. But I feel her magic was wasted just having her stay in one spot for the majority of the film.

Anyway, that's my review of Suicide Squad. I felt compelled to write something because every other review out there is saying its terrible, and I just felt that there was something more to it that people were missing.

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