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The Supergirl and Flash crossover had some pretty great moments and I hope it happens again.

When the Flash and Supergirl got together, it actually was better than watching cats on the internet (which is probably why the internet was invented in the first place). I've always liked the lighter feel of the Flash and teaming up with Supergirl (which also has a much lighter feel to it) seemed like a perfect fit. And then (of course) there was this moment early on:
When asked to explain your powers of speed, who wouldn't hook everyone
up with ice cream. By the way, I'm jealous that Barry needs to eat 10,000
calories a day just to stay thin. That's a superpower with some kick to it.
I love the expression on Supergirl's face when she realizes that she has ice cream. But there's no way Barry paid for it so there is that issue...Barry you thief! Unless of course he just left a $20 and was like "keep the change." But there were so many great moments from the crossover. Seriously. And the best line of the night went to Cat Grant who kinda/sorta had a Deadpool-esque "break the fourth wall moment" when she commented that the cast of characters before her looked like the youth-obsessed, attractive, and racially diverse cast of a CW show. Oh my.
I suppose racially diverse and attractive does describe this cast. Cat Grant
nailed it. But then again, she is the CEO of a large company.
And then there was the fact that the Flash just loves that Kara is an alien. He wants her to take a picture of him standing in front of her spaceship, which is in this top secret government facility devoted to "very serious things." How can someone not love an episode that is poking fun at itself so intently?
I hope that CBS decides to renew Supergirl. It's had a pretty strong and convincing first season. As of this writing, there's been no word yet. The only thing I didn't like about the crossover was that it took place on a different Earth that Barry just happened to pop into. That makes it seem like crossovers might be harder. I would have liked them to be in the same universe. But hey, maybe if Supergirl gets canceled on CBS it could get picked up by the CW. That would be kinda fun, and they could fix the alternate universe stuff and start building a CW version of the Justice League. Now all they'd need is a t.v. version of Wonder Woman. I suppose they could go with "Wonder Girl" since all of these shows take place pre- "Crisis on the Infinite Earths." For what it's worth, I thought Wonder Girl was cooler than Wonder Woman in many ways (when she was with the Teen Titans).

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