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10 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed
By George Duran,
The Daily Meal, 24 March 2016.

Every year, kitchen and houseware fans and professionals get together for the International Housewares Show in Chicago. It’s a massive trade show the size of (what seems to me) 18 football fields with every single kitchen and home appliance you can imagine. Think of it as the Comic-Con of kitchenware, and yes, I’ve been tempted to dress up as a Kitchen Aid Mixer!

What stands out most to me are the ingenious and fascinating kitchen gadgets I come across throughout the four-day ordeal. They’re utensils and cooking accessories that will inspire you to build new drawers in your kitchen just so you can store it and rarely use them (or so you think!).

Check out some of our favorites from this year's show including a self-leveling spoon, un-spillable mug, and more.

1. Levoons


Perfect baking has a lot to do with the perfect measurement of ingredients, and this creative self-leveling spoon by Dreamfarm assures that every teaspoon of baking soda is no more or less than what your recipe requires.

2. Karoto


Bring out your Iron Chef garnishing capabilities with the Karoto carrot sharpener by Monkey Business. It also works with cucumbers and zucchini and anything else, as long as it’s not your finger!

3. Zoku Quick Pop Maker Social Media Kit


Just when you thought you couldn’t “like” popsicles any more, out comes these adorable pop molds with customizable social media symbols by Zoku. You’ll need the pop maker to use them, but now that winter is over, we know you’ve been looking for one!

4. Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen


When I first spotted this odor-absorbing splatter screen by Faberware, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I have a reputation of stinking my house with salmon steaks. But after a good fish fry with this screen, I can positively say that not only are my oil splatters under control, the fishy smells are long gone!

5. Pepo Watermelon Slicer


There’s never been a reason not eat watermelon in my home. But now I can munch slices of watermelon with one hand using this innovative Pepo watermelon slicer. The biggest question is why it took so long to invent this ingenious watermelon slicer!

6. Mighty Mug


You need to see the Mighty Mug in person (or video) to believe it! Using a patented suction base, the mug won’t fall over when pushed, yet releases effortlessly when you lift it. Coffee mugs, drink containers and even wine glasses have evolved into a revolutionary and un-spillable technology! The future is here!

7. Stick m Up Thermometers


There is nothing more horrifying than a refrigerator that freezes eggs or a freezer that thaws ice cream. Thanks to these ultra-convenient Stick m Up Thermometers, you’re able to monitor both cold boxes and anywhere else in your home. They simply stick with the included magnet or adhesive.

8. Strawberry Knife


If you happen to love strawberries, you know that strawberry season is on its way. To make your hulling and slicing easier, Kuhn Rikon has come out with a neat strawberry knife. It folds like an army knife for easy storage and has a non-stick Japanese blade.

9. Food Hugger


Ready to save some money? Use the Kickstarter-funded Food Hugger to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. The suction-like lip assures a perfect fit and prevents oxygen from penetrating the surface. Genius!

10. The Surface Swipe


Everyone knows a clean kitchen is a good kitchen. The Surface Swipe by Kohler is the ultimate squeegee for wiping wet spills and sweeping dry crumbs off your countertop, straight into the sink (or trash). And for easy storage, the handle design allows you to hang it on the side of your sink. It also looks really cool!

Top image: The Food Huggers reusable silicone food savers. Credit: Food Huggers.

[Source: The Daily Meal. Edited. Top image added.]