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Gamification: How to Win at Work
By Frank Moraes,
Who Is Hosting This, 9 February 2016.

Everyone wants work to be fun. Even your boss or client or customer would rather that you enjoy your work. No one wants to be around unhappy people, regardless of how productive they are.

But what if you could change your business so that workers got more done because they were having fun?

Enter the world of gamification.

It may just sound like the newest business buzzword, but gamification allows businesses to take standard parts of the work day and turn them into games. This makes for happier, more engaged workers. And that leads to greater quality and higher productivity - a classic win-win situation.

You might think that this is the kind of thing that only high tech companies could do. But that’s not true. In fact, in its most fundamental form, gamification has long been part of the way businesses are run. Sales bonuses are a kind of game. They aren’t usually presented that way, of course. But sometimes they are, complete with leader boards and different “prize” levels.

A good example of how gamification is being used by a regular company can be seen at the automotive retailer Pep Boys. They have a program called Axonify where employees play a quiz game that deals with inventory management and accident prevention. When employees do well on the game, they can win prizes. When they don’t, they get a quick refresher on the issues being quizzed.

Big companies like Pep Boys aren’t investing resources into gamification because it is a fad; they are investing in it because it works. One of the biggest problems facing companies is the lack of employee engagement. And a surprisingly large number of workers are actively disengaged. These workers often do great harm to company morale and ultimate the bottom line.

Of course, gamification isn’t as simple as deciding that you are going to have a “fun” workplace. In the following infographic, we look at all aspects of gamification: how companies are using it, what it could do for your company, and how you can implement your own system. You have only grumpy employees and low productivity to lose.

Achievement Unlocked: How to Win at Work With Gamification

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