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10 World Maps With Facts You Didn't Learn at School

There are 250+ countries and 7 Billion+ people living in them on the Earth. Countless cultures and habits. There is a large diversity among different people of different regions if compared for same trait. Some countries have high literacy rates than others, some are Wealthier than others but these are the things which we usually learn in schools. Below are 10 maps with facts that you were told in school. Enjoy and Share with friends…

1. This is what the world would look like if the surface area of a country were linked to the number of inhabitants.

2. More people live within than outside the circle.

3. This how much coffee people drink on an average base.

4. The average amount of alcohol people consume

5. The average age

6. This is the percentage of people that are married.

7. The average age of the first time sex.

8. IQ Level

9. The average penis length.

9. The average cup size.

10. Attitude of population toward foreign visitors.

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