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Would the Internet Survive the End of the World?
By KeriLynn Enge,
Who Is Hosting This, 16 December 2015.

You may not be able to survive without the internet, but could the internet survive without us?

A recent multi-national survey by Tata Communications found that over two-thirds of respondents said they felt “fear, anxiety and anger” when not connected to the internet. Many of them said they’d give up traditional TV or alcohol to stay online.

And 60% said they believe the internet is infinite. Well, even the Pope admitted that the internet is a gift from God… But for some people, it’s almost like the internet itself is now God.

While the internet may have a few of the qualities of God (incomprehensibility and mystery stand out), it could be lacking in the infinity and transcendence departments. The internet, even with all its seemingly mystical properties, is still based on terrestrial technology, which is limited and finite. Could it go on without us?

That depends on what ends us. Like with the dinosaurs, the ultimate cause of humanity’s eventual extinction is up for debate.

Could a deadly pandemic wipe us off the earth, or will a supervolcano eruption steal our sunlight? Could catastrophic climate change cool us off for good, or will an asteroid finish the job first? Or will we not even have to wait around for a natural disaster, but send ourselves into oblivion with nuclear war first?

No matter how we go, the important question is: will the internet survive us? These days, the average American spends 11 hours a day using electronic media. The internet is our life, our legacy: our Facebook profiles, tweets, blog posts, and selfies must live on!

Luckily, many of the above disasters wouldn’t result in the complete destruction of the internet, since it’s not centralized in a single location. Still, the servers that run the internet do rely on a vulnerable power source.

Would the internet survive zombies, asteroids, or a robot uprising? Check out the graphic below to find out - and prepare.

Would the Internet Survive the End of the World?

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