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15 Impressive World Records Set in 2015
By Nick Greene, Mental Floss, 15 December 2015.

The on-going festival of one-upmanship to get into Guinness World Records never stops, and 2015 was rife with impressive feats. Here are 15 records that, for now, stand alone.

1. Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog

Who set the record? Otto, a 3-year-old bulldog from Peru.
Through how many people's legs did Otto skateboard? 30 people’s legs.
Where else has Otto skateboarded? Into our hearts.

2. Fastest time to solve a Rubik's Cube

Who set the record? Maryland teenager Lucas Etter.
How fast did he solve that Rubik’s Cube? The 14-year-old did it in 4.904 seconds.
Is there a robot that can do it faster? Of course there is.

3. Heaviest sumo deadlift

Who set the record? Greg Austin Doucette, a Canadian strongman.
How heavy was his deadlift? 9130 kilograms (roughly 20,128 pounds)
Could he beat you up? Yes, he could beat me up.

4. Longest bicycle

Who built the record-setting bicycle? Dutch cycling organization Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg
How long is this bicycle? 35.79 meters (117 feet, 5 inches)
Is it easy to ride? Yes, "just don't turn any corners," says Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg founder Frank Pelt.

5. World's oldest newly-weds (aggregate age)

Who got married? George Kirby and Doreen Luckie
How old are they? George was born June 13, 1912, and Doreen Kirby was born September 6, 1923. This makes their combined age on the day of their wedding (June 15, 2015) 194 years and 280 days.
Are you crying? Something just got stuck in my eye.

6. Most lit candles held in mouth

Who put all those lit candles in his mouth? Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya
How many candles did he put in his mouth? 15, for a minimum of 30 seconds.
Try this at home? Do not try this at home.

7. Longest coconut wheelie

Who did this wheelie? Ricardo “Per Canguru” de Souza Amaral, from Brazil.
For how long did he wheelie? 33 meters (108.3 feet)
Gnarly? Totally.

8. Most pull-ups in a minute

Who did all those pull-ups? Singapore’s Yeo Kim Yeong.
How many pull-ups did he do? 43
Did he train? Yes, four times a week for almost six months.

9. Largest baby crawl competition

Where did these babies crawl? On a 10-foot course in a Yokohama, Japan shopping mall.
How many babies crawled? 601
Will any of those 601 babies remember this achievement? Probably not.

10. Shortest cow

Who is the shortest cow? Manikyam is the shortest cow. She is from Kerala, India.
How short is she? 61.1 centimeters (24.07 inches), "from the hoof to the withers."
Does she make up for in spunk what she lacks in height? Yes.

11. Farthest distance covered by a quadruped robot

Who is this robot? Xingzhe No.1, created by a team from the College of Automation of Chongqing University.
How far did this robot run? 134.03 kilometers (83.28 miles). It ran non-stop for 54 hours and 34 minutes.
What is it running from? Only Xingzhe No.1 knows.

12. Longest journey in Minecraft

Who made the journey? Kurt J. Mac, and his journey is on-going.
How far has he traveled? As of April, Mac journeyed over 2,097,152 blocks, which is the equivalent of 2097.15 kilometers (1303.1 miles). This is 16.78 percent of the way to the edge of the game's map.
How long until he reaches the end? Twenty years, according to some educated guesses.

13. Tightest reverse parallel park

Who pulled off this parking feat? Stunt driver Alastair Moffatt.
How tight was this spot? Starting in reverse, he "performed a dramatic J-turn, then a handbrake turn" before sliding into the narrow spot, leaving just 34 combined centimeters between his Mini Cooper and the cars parked in front of and behind him.
Back-up cameras used: None.

14. Fastest 100 meter sprint on all fours

Who sprinted, bear-like, so fast? Kenichi Ito of Japan. He reclaimed his record after it was broken in 2014.
How fast did he scamper? Ito covered 100 meters in 15.71 seconds.
Why didn't he compete in the record-breaking baby crawl? Disqualified: not a baby.

15. Most slam dunks in one minute

Who was dunking? Zeus McClurkin of the Harlem Globetrotters.
How many times did he dunk? Fifteen times. It was one of seven world records set by the Globetrotters in 2015. The others are: Farthest kneeling shot made blindfolded; longest shot made backwards; most three-pointers made in one minute by a pair of players; longest-ever underhand shot; longest duration spinning a basketball on the nose; and farthest blindfolded hook shot.
Number of cool records set by the Washington Generals in 2015: Zero.

Top image: Otto the skateboarding bulldog. Credit: Guinness World Records via YouTube.

[Source: Mental Floss. Edited.]

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