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8 ingenious gadgets that will automatically upgrade your kitchen
By Jeana Lee Tahnk,
Mashable, 15 October 2015.

Kitchens of the future don’t need Rosie the Robot to be considered super high-tech. These days, more cooking gadgets and connected appliances are at our fingertips, almost letting us cook from the comforts of our smartphones.

And there’s no end to the kind of tech we’ll experience in our kitchens. According to a recent study, the smart appliances market is expected to reach US$37.2 billion by 2020, which means there are talking refrigerators and hovering fruit bowls in our future.

Kitchen tech continues to become more sophisticated than ever and as featured in the gallery above, these 8 high-tech additions to your home’s hub is a good indication of where we’re headed. Watch out, Rosie.

1. T-fal Optigrill


The Optigrill is a fool-proof appliance for cooks of all levels. The built-in temperature sensor and the visual cooking indicator ensures that meat is cooked to your preferred level of doneness. In addition to meats, you can cook vegetables, sandwiches and anything else you want to throw on the grill. It’s a versatile appliance that’s perfect for small spaces. (US$179)

2. hiku

Image: hiku

If you’ve ever returned from the store only to realize that you’ve forgotten one of the main reasons you went in the first place, then hiku is for you. Personal grocery list assistant extraordinaire, hiku magnetically sticks to your fridge and is on the ready to log any passing "the next time I’m at the store" thought. Simply scan a barcode with the gadget or speak into it, and everything is automatically logged into the hiku app (iOS, Android). (US$79)

3. Triby

Image: Triby

In most households, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a perfect place to house the Triby, an all-in-one messaging system, display board, radio and speakerphone. You can stream music, take calls and even receive doodles from loved ones. Its convenient design lets you stick it right onto the fridge, the epicentre of all activity. (US$199)

4. Anova Precision Cooker

Image: Anova

For amateur cooks who want to act like pros and drop terms like “sous vide” (vacuum sealing and cooking in water), this Wi-Fi enabled gadget is the ticket. The Anova Precision Cooker drops down into any pot and makes sure that whatever you’re cooking remains at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Everything can be controlled and monitored via an app. (US$199)

5. HI-MACS Tech Top


Cluttered countertops can be a common occurrence in kitchens, but having a charging countertop at least eliminates the wire factor. This countertop with built-in wireless charging capabilities is a novel concept and one that will likely be the standard for kitchens of the future. Simply place your device on the counter and charge away.

6. Aether Cone

Image: Aether

Every kitchen needs a good speaker and the Aether Cone hits the mark when it comes to function and beautiful design. A minimalistic device, the Cone provides few buttons and instead relies mostly on voice recognition technology, letting you bark out requests for songs you want to hear. The speaker relies on Rdio’s library of more than 30 million songs, as well as Internet radio stations, giving you a complete music library for any meal. (US$399)

7. Foodini


Can’t find anything to eat? You could always 3D print a snack. The Foodini 3D printer is a very high-tech way to create and design your own food. Using real food that you put into printer capsules, the appliance will print cookies, pasta, crackers, brownies and even burgers. Will you 3D print your next meal? (US$1,500 - Available in Q1 2016)

8. June Oven

Image: June Oven

June claims to be the world’s “most intelligent oven,” and offers features that may make that claim true. From detecting types of food, recommending cooking times and even offering the ability to watch your food cook via an app (and on-oven camera), this small countertop all-in-one appliance aims to put your current toaster oven to shame. (US$1,495 - Available Spring 2016)

Top image: T-fal Optigrill.

[Source: Mashable. Edited. Some images added.]