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5 Crazy Things about Gravity, the Force that Keeps us Going

The law of gravity weighs similarly on every single being that lives on Earth, and well for that matter on anything on Earth, humans, animals, rocks, trees, etc…While it is a wonder that is completely natural, we frequently take for granted a lot of things and often remain unconcerned about a lot of things that matter a lot and gravity is one of those things. Here we have a few captivating particularities worth knowing about the force that keeps everything together.

Isaac Newton did not found the presence of gravity: he was in fact, who developed the laws describing the effects of gravity; the term "gravity" was utilized to define the force that gives weight to objects before Newton was born. Newton "simply" verified mathematically that it was a universal force and saw the effects of the invisible action at a distance.

A tunnel through Earth: What would happen? If you dig a tunnel crossing the complete planet from one point to another of its surface and jump inside, it would take precisely 42 minutes and 12 seconds to reach the other side where you would stop briefly before starting to fall through the tunnel in the opposite direction. In the first half of the journey a person would speed up due to gravity, and decelerate in the second half, but inertia always would lead towards the other side.

Gravity is in fact the feeblest of the forces we know: THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE, THE STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE, and THE WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE. Though gravity is what gives us weight, and is the reason of planetary orbits and the formation of stars, planets and galaxies.

Lack of Gravity? Did you know that you cannot cry in zero gravity? You cannot cry in space and if you try it pains. Also Astronauts gain up to 5 centimeters in height while in space due to the absence of compression on the vertebrae, due to the lack of gravity.

Want to lose some weight? Try Pluto

Even though Pluto is not a planet it’s a planet that is certainly interesting. Gravity on Pluto is so cool: A person that weighs about 70 kilograms on Earth would weigh less than 5 kilograms on the Dwarf Planet. On the other hand the planet that can make you feel fat is Jupiter which is the planet with the most devastating gravitational force. On Jupiter a person that weighs about 70 kilograms on Earth would weigh over 160 kilograms.

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