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True Private Messaging: 7 Apps to Encrypt Your Chats
By KeriLynn Engel,
Who Is Hosting This, 29 April 2015.

Are your text messages private and secure? Or are they vulnerable to prying eyes?

Given the news lately, it’s safe to assume they’re not.

It’s been revealed that the National Security Agency has been collecting text messages for years - up to 200 million a day. They collect everything they can from anyone they can, from phone all over the globe. Just by analyzing your text messages, they can extrapolate who you’re talking to, how often and about what, your location at any given time, and even glean information about your financial transactions.

They may even be assisted by carelessly designed apps on your smartphone. Many so-called “leaky apps” are exploited by government organizations to mine even more sensitive data about their users. A surprising number of the most popular messaging apps are insecure, as their creators put usability and features over the security and privacy of their users.

Other apps are purposely harvesting your information, taking advantage of the privileges and permissions you grant them when they’re installed. One famous example is the Facebook messaging app, which sparked a storm of controversy over all the permissions the app asked for upon installation. Since Facebook’s entire business model is built on selling your data to advertisers, why wouldn’t they try to harvest as much of it as they could with a new app?

The controversy didn’t last long, however, and millions of people decided to download the app anyway. As Facebook knows, most people don’t pay attention to the fine print, and even if they do, they’re willing to trade their right to privacy in exchange for convenience.

But what if you refuse to give up your privacy? What if you know that having “nothing to hide” is a dangerous fallacy, and understand the dangers of letting personal information fall into the wrong hands to be used against you?

If you want to protect your privacy while messaging on your smartphone, it’s vital to use a secure app. Here are the top seven apps we found that can help you protect your privacy.

True Private Messaging

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