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The Relentless Rise of Ransomware (and How to Beat It)
By KeriLynn Engel,
Who Is Hosting This, 25 May 2015.

Picture this: You’re busy working on an important document on your computer.

Not only is this project important to your job, but it contains very sensitive information about the company and its customers. You’ve taken precautions to keep that data safe and protected.

But suddenly, in the middle of your work, a huge message pops up [shown in top image]:

“Your Computer Has Been Locked!”

No matter what key you press, or how many times you try to restart your computer, the same message keeps popping up. You can’t access the document you were working on or other important files - and you have no idea who has their hands on them now.

In order to get your files back, the message says, you have to pay a fine of hundreds of dollars…or lose them forever.

These messages often masquerade as official warnings from the FBI or other government agencies, accusing you of illegal activity on your computer. They can look very convincing, citing actual codes and laws and using official government seals.

But don’t be fooled: None of those messages are from any legitimate government.

In reality, they’re what’s known as “ransomware,” and they’re attempting to extort money from you illegally.

Ransomware, while not a new phenomenon by any means, is on the rise, threatening not just personal computers but also your smartphones, tablets, and any device that can connect to the Internet.

Many Internet users are fooled by these convincing messages, or pay the fine even if they see right through the scam because they don’t see any alternative methods to access their files and regain control of their computers.

While seeing a message like that may cause you to panic, don’t lose hope: there are ways to fight back. You can use various methods to remove ransomware infections, and learn how to protect yourself from ransomware going forward.

To get started, check out the graphic below for practical tips and advice on keeping your devices and data safe.

The Relentless Rise of Ransomware (and How to Beat It)

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Top image: Example of a typical ransomware message. Credit: Symantec.

[Source: Who Is Hosting This. Edited. Top image added.]